P R I V A T E   C L I E N T S

Personal Payments

Simple, safe, stress-free international transfers
  • Secure

    Client funds safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at banks and credit institutions
  • Fast

    We use the latest payment technology to ensure fast and traceable transfers (SWIFT gpi)
  • Stable

    Our payment systems process billions of dollars of transfers for millions of customers every month

Three Steps for Simple Payments

You can manage all your payments and currency conversions online or via our friendly team
  • Open Account
    Online registration is quick, easy, and free
  • Arrange Transfer
    Tell us the currency, amount, and beneficiary
  • Complete Payment
    We'll make the conversion and send your payment
All Oku Markets clients benefit from multi-currency accounts with unique IBANs and account details
When you send payments, your recipient will receive a transfer with your name as the sender, not ours. Likewise, when you invoice your customers using your Oku Markets account details, it is your name and your unique account number they pay into, not a pooled account.
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What Our Clients Say

I’m finding that I’m saving thousands of dollars... I highly recommend Oku Markets for all currency exchanges, from small to large sums. Their market emails are very informative as well.
Britt, Jun-23
Other FX companies can only try and be as sharp or as good as Oku. Harry and his team do a fantastic job and really care about their customers. Exceptional knowledgeable and always available when you need them.
Mr MJ, Sep-22
We were recommended to Harry Mills of Oku Markets Ltd, which helps greatly in establishing a base of trust. We met with him several times, and his knowledge level was exceptional. His approach was informational without any pressure. He was very responsive even if it was late at night on his side.
Jacques, Jun-23

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