P R I V A T E   C L I E N T S

Our Personal Service, Exclusively for
Private Clients

Exceptional personal service exclusively for the discerning private client who demands expertise, integrity, and professionalism.
As independent currency experts, we are aligned with our clients’ interests.
By offering tailored foreign exchange services and bespoke currency management solutions to entrepreneurs, leading executives and high net worth individuals, we build strong long-lasting client partnerships based on expertise, trust and care.
     Our Services.
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Currency Management

Our aim is to support our clients in managing their currency exposures to preserve and grow their wealth.
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Currency Planning

We organise your personal and business currency portfolios to support your needs and achieve your goals.
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Currency Solutions

Our global coverage, bespoke strategies, and online services cater for our clients' entire currency ecosystem.

Our Approach.

We believe in personal relationships and bespoke currency solutions, powered by cutting-edge technology. We are solution providers, not sellers.

Personal relationships are the foundation of our foreign exchange approach. We get to know our clients well, spending time to understand their personal and professional situations.

We design and implement personalised currency management strategies for each of our clients, helping them to achieve their aspirations and goals.

Achieve your goals.

We believe that currency management is about helping our clients achieve their personal and business goals.

Regardless of the underlying currency exposure, we work closely with each client to assess their situation and, execute an appropriate strategy to protect and grow their currency assets.

Typical scenarios include relocating or investing overseas, managing a business acquisition or sale, or completing a dream purchase such as a yacht, classic car, or work of art.

Tailored and dedicated.

We are true, independent currency specialists offering currency planning and management tailored to our client’s needs, wherever they live.

We provide our clients with a dedicated currency relationship manager who coordinates and manages their currency transactions according to our client’s risk profile and objectives.

Expertise with technology.

We've invested in state-of-the-art trading and payments technology, which we believe is central to successful currency solutions.

Whilst we deliver the transactional elements of our service through our secure online platforms, we recognise that our global private clients demand more than a slick online portal: Our team's decades of experience and commitment to providing a truly bespoke and personal service is why our clients trust us year after year.

Our Solutions.

Our currency management expertise is supported by cutting-edge technology.

Our currency solutions are developed around a precise blend of technological capabilities and in-depth expertise.

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Building your strategy.

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    Working closely with you, we will develop a strategy that is aligned with your life objectives, your personal environment, and your risk appetite.

    The strategy will guide you on when and how to convert your currency, the type of transaction most appropriate for you , and crucially, whether to hedge your currency exposures.

    Deciding when and how to transact can be complex. We will guide you through the most effective solution for your situation and we'll utilise the services of our trusted regulated third party brokers as necessary.

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    Test & Adjust

    We use statistical analysis techniques to demonstrate the effectiveness of our currency strategies. Using market back-testing, stress-testing, and Monte Carlo analysis, we can accurately predict your outcomes in any market environment.

    Adjustments to the strategy are made as your situation changes or in response to variations in market conditions. You'll have all the information needed to make a decision and implement the strategy.

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    Currency markets are unpredictable but, every strategy allows for an element of discretion and, we will work with you to take advantage of any short-term trading opportunities.

    Opportunities come and go quickly; our platform is open all the time the market is open and, your relationship manager will be available to you around the clock.

    You can trade online or via our experienced currency dealers. Either way, we'll make the process quick, simple, and secure.

Bringing it together.

  • Total coverage

    When it comes to implementing your currency strategy, we provide everything you would expect from leading currency experts: FX orders, spot contracts, forward contracts, currency accounts, and a range of hedging products.
  • At your fingertips

    Our trading platform delivers everything you need in one place: convert currencies, place currency trades, pay, receive, and request payments, track cash flows, manage global currency accounts, and view balances and statements.
  • Borderless

    We enable our clients to accept payments from just about anywhere, in just about any currency. Our clients use local UK accounts held with tier-1 banks to collect funds without the challenges of international banking.

Core Values

The fundamental beliefs and principles that guide the our behaviour, decision-making, and culture.
  • Integrity

    We uphold the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our business operations, and are committed to doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  • Transparency

    We believe in being open and honest in all our communications and interactions with our clients, partners, and stakeholders.
  • Professionalism

    We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service and expertise to our clients, and strive to continually improve our skills and knowledge.

Good to Know

We're proud to offer a fully transparent and secure currency service to our valued Private Clients.
  • Global Coverage

    Send and receive payments in 130+ currencies, make transfers to 200+ countries, and manage funds in accounts in your name
  • FCA Regulation

    Our payments services are provided by FCA-regulated partners with strict governance and regulatory compliance
  • Trusted Transfers

    Our payment partners reliably process billions of pounds worth of transfers every month and serve millions of customers
  • Segregated Accounts

    Client funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at banks and credit institutions
  • No Hidden Fees

    Every exchange is made at your account's fixed and transparent pricing, and there are never any hidden fees or commissions
  • Target an Exchange Rate

    Set a target rate and we'll monitor your order 24 hours a day and automatically execute the trade if it triggers
  • Fix Future Rates

    Secure an exchange rate for future transfers up to one year in advance and avoid costly market fluctuations
  • Prompt Payments

    Make priority transfers via SWIFT, or local payments through our global network of in-country currency accounts