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FX Orders

Set a target rate and we'll monitor your order 24 hours a day and automatically execute the trade if it triggers
Do you have a target exchange rate in mind? Let us monitor the market for you!
With 24-hour coverage, you can leave an instruction to execute a trade at your desired exchange rate, so you don't miss out on favourable market moves outside of your timezone.

You can place orders for spot and forward contracts, with a standard watch period of three months. If you'd prefer an alert rather than a trade to be executed, just ask for a call order instead!

Types of Order

Private clients can enter into two types of FX orders with us; Take Profit and Stop Loss. Learn more below...
  • Take profit order

    Take Profit Order

    Set a trigger level better than the current spot rate. Should the level be achievable, we'll book the trade immediately and alert you. You can then choose to take delivery of the funds or roll the position into a forward contract.
  • Stop loss order

    Stop Loss Order

    Set a trigger level at a worse rate than the current spot rate to prevent greater losses. Care should be taken with Stop Loss orders, but we'll guide you through the process.

Useful to Know


If an order is triggered, you will be notified by your account manager the same day or the next day if the order triggers overnight. You will receive automated trade confirmations by email and, all executed trades will be visible online as normal.

Forward Contracts

If you wish to place an order for a forward contract, your Oku Markets account manager can explain the process and will advise on the forward points adjustment to your exchange rate upon execution.

Placing and Cancelling Orders

All orders must be placed and cancelled by telephone order through our dealing desk. You will receive an email affirmation for your records.

If you just want an alert

If you're not ready to commit to a potential trade just yet, you can ask us to alert you to your target rate being achieved via a Call Order.

How can we help you?

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