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Forward Contracts

Secure exchange rates for the future and protect your investments and from currency market volatility

your future

Currency markets can be highly volatile and FX rates can move unpredictably and change greatly over time

Forward Contracts allow you to secure exchange rates for the future, minimising the impact of currency fluctuations and market volatility

Our currency experts will guide you through the process including contract types, pricing, and the mechanics of executing transactions and making payments

We operate full transparency with FX pricing and how markets operate, so ask us anything!

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Benefits of Forward Contracts

Fix exchange rates for up to 12 months in advance!
  • Certainty

    Guaranteeing the exchange rate for future payments or income gives you peace of mind
  • Predictability

    Securing the conversion rate for future income or expenditure makes cash flows predictable
  • Flexibility

    Forward Contracts may be used at any time before the final date for full flexibility and control
  • Simplicity

    Book forwards quickly online, protecting yourself with a straightforward solution

Types of Forward Contract

We'll advise you on the best solution for your needs and be completely transparent on pricing
  • Fixed Forward Contract

    Fixed Forward

    A contract that allows you to secure an exchange rate for a single, fixed date for future payment: there may be a benefit in the rate by choosing a fixed forward contract compared to the open or window variants.
  • Open Forward Contract

    Open Forward

    A fully flexible contract that allows you to secure an exchange rate to use at any time throughout the contract period up to the final settlement date.
  • Window Forward Contract

    Window Forward

    A contract that allows you to secure an exchange rate that can be utilised between two dates: there may be a benefit in the rate by restricting the window period compared to the fully open forward contract.

Typical Uses for Forward Contracts

There are many reasons why you might want to fix a future exchange rate, but here are
  • Overseas Property Purchase

    Fixing the purchase price in your local currency, to avoid surprise increases due to currency movements
  • Regular International Payments

    Payment of property maintenance, mooring fees, staff expenses, and funding your foreign bank accounts
  • Repatriation of Foreign Earnings

    Protecting the value of your future salary, bonuses, and dividend payments from negative currency fluctuations
  • Education Expenses

    Fixing the cost of sending your children to overseas schools and universities, and providing ongoing maintenance
  • International Investments

    Hedging the currency risk on your investment portfolio to protect returns in your home currency
  • International Taxes

    Payment of tax liabilities on overseas income, capital, and investments

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